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Elaine Blue Agate Bracelet, 7-line Series, IDR 1.500.000

Today, bracelets have become a popular part of the modern women's image. From wonderfully handcrafted leather cuffs to crystal embellishments, Loueve Studio’s designs are mostly inspired by confident, sophisticated, powerful women. Beginning with bejeweled friendship bracelets, we then move on and create jewelries made from real gemstones, genuine leathers such as calfskin, goatskin and phyton leather. Going beyond the norm, Loueve Studio adds features such as embellished magnetic clasps, authentic Swarovski crystals, that allow a woman to make her own personal one of a kind or statement piece when wearing Loueve Studio’s designs. New collections are presented every month to maintain a consistent burst of freshness, excitement, unique pieces and currently consist of approximately 300 designs. Each pieces are meticulously taken care of by hand during a process that can sometimes take days to complete.

Sannie Natural Agate Bracelet, 7-line Series, IDR 1.400.000

Loueve Studio makes every bracelet feel personal, meaningful and presents as the ultimate thoughtful gift. Made using the highest quality leather, each bracelet is entirely handmade and one-of-a-kind. Our pieces whisper sophistication - made as a conversation starter on purpose. Made for you, to stand out.


  • Made with just the right thickness (3mm) so that your bracelet can stand the test of time and wear.

  • To soften your genuine leather bracelet, use leather conditioner (our favorite is beeswax). Your bracelet will soften just like your favorite leather accessories.

  • Each gemstones are wired into the leather and will not fall out with wear.

  • You can get your bracelet wet, but we don't suggest doing so very often. (No lap swimming in these beauties, please.)

  • Each bracelet fits 14,5cm wrist size to 17,5cm with strong clasp for secure closure, making it the perfect fit for a variety of wrist sizes.

  • Our clasp is made from high quality brass. We have magnetic closure option available, please contact us for more information on personalized touches. 

  • Handcrafted with Love: This item is thoughtfully packaged and makes a lovely gift for anniversaries, birthdays, and just because days.

Our Promise: We love our customers, so please be in touch if you have any questions before or after you purchase. 

Zadie Simulated Agate Bracelet, 7-line Series, IDR 1.400.000